Giraffe Growth Chart   Giraffe Growth Chart
$13.99 $12.59
I Went Walking Big Book   I Went Walking Big Book
$26.99 $24.29
Barefoot Books Children of the World   Barefoot Books Children of the World
$16.99 $15.29
Eating the Alphabet Big Book   Eating the Alphabet Big Book
$26.99 $24.29
Single Hole Punch   Single Hole Punch
$1.79 $1.61

Promote your school


Wear it with Pride
Kids and parents alike love showing their school pride with logoed apparel and accessories, such as flip-flops, T-shirts, and lanyards. Sweatshirts and cozy scarves are great items to be worn to big games on chilly nights.

Give Away Greats
Then, of course, there will be giveaway programs, where your school will show appreciation to team fans and speakers at educational sessions. Or your school may want to simply get your name out to the general public, especially in the case of colleges looking to recruit future students. A full-size signature football could be the perfect gift for athletic sponsors. Tote bags are ideal for school books, gym clothes and more.

Gift Ideas
Other gift suggestions might include custom wind chimes with your school’s logo and colors. A lucky bamboo plant is the perfect back to school gift for students and teachers alike!

In Appreciation
A special CD featuring relaxing classical music is a nice choice to show support for frazzled teachers. No matter the type of promotion – fundraising, recognition, school spirit and more, there are lots of great ideas to help you earn an A.

Inside the School
Food containers to hold snacks or lunch, highlighters or pens, and a notebook might be available for purchase in the cafeteria, as well as logoed lollipops to give to students.